#222: Discussion on Australian Bands of the 1990s

April 14, 2015

Before this month, we had reviewed thirteen albums from Australian bands in the 90s in the first four years of the podcast, but we still did’t have a good understanding of the overall history Australian music during that time. What were their influences? What were the scenes in the different cities like? What is Big Day Out? The Saints? The Scientists? To help us unlock the mysteries, we’re joined by frequent requester and friend of the show Gavid Reid, along with Dan Buhagiar, producer and writer at Double J radio.

And check out Dan’s article on the 10 Australian Bands From the ‘90s Worth Revisiting.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Drugs by Ammonia

6:07 - (I’m) Stranded by The Saints

13:20 - Tomorrow by Silverchair

35:07 - Streets of Your Town by The Go-Betweens

41:34 - Shazam! by Spiderbait

52:18 - Don’t It Get You Down by Deadstar

Outro - Railhead by Crow

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#221: Together Alone by Crowded House

April 7, 2015

To kick of our month-long visit to Australia, our first requested review for April is the 1993 album Together Alone by Crowded House. You probably know the band from their two big singles - Don’t Dream It’s Over and Something So Strong. But the band, and by the band we mean Neil Finn, have a number or strong full length albums in their history. Is it possible that Together Alone is tops them all? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Distant Sun

3:47 - History of the Band

10:01 - Walking on the Spot

15:10 - Black and White Boy

20:31 - Nails in My Feet

24:48 - Private Universe

Outro - In My Command

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#220: Dig Me Out Goes to College - Capital University Music Tech Workshop

March 31, 2015
With March providing a bonus fifth Tuesday, we decided to take advantage and post a bonus episode. We were invited to speak at Capital University for the Music Tech Workshop this past weekend, and are sharing the presentation. Ever wanted to know about the nuts and bolts of putting together a podcast? The equipment, the software, getting it on iTunes, promoting and everything else - we talk about it all.

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#219: Excerpts from a Love Circus by Lisa Germano

March 24, 2015

This week by request we're checking out the 1996 album Excerpts from a Love Circus by Lisa Germano. Working in a space filled with stark and occasionally dissonant sounds, the relaxed vocals combine darkness and humor in a way that caught us both off guard. While you won’t want to put this on your workout mix, we had a lot of fun (? I guess) discovering the world Lisa Germano inhabits on Excerpts.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Lovesick

3:36 - History of the Band

12:41 - A Beautiful Schizophrenic /“Where's Miamo-Tutti” by Dorothy

18:38 - Victoria's Secret/”Just a Bad Dream” by Miamo-Tutti

21:59 - Lovesick

Outro - Bruises

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#218: Absolute Zero by Null

March 17, 2015

Our requested review this week is unique - an album released exclusively with a comic book - we check out Absolute Zero by Null, packaged in December 1994 with the comic book Blank: The Encephalon Void #1. Since there is a good chance you haven’t heard this, we decided to go track-by-track through this album, which varied in styles and sounds from Ministry and Nine Inch Nails to Helmet and Queensryche, and lead us into a discussion about the current state and future of comic books in the digital format.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Severance

3:27 - History of the Band

8:29 - Terminal

15:28 - Numb

20:50 - Skarred

24:51 - Driven

31:27 - Critical Mass

Outro - Rain

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#217: Bands Reuniting Round Table Discussion

March 10, 2015

For our March Round Table Discussion, we're joined by Chip Midnight of Kids Interview Bands, Tom Mullen of the Washed Up Emo, and Louise Post of Veruca Salt to talk about bands reuniting. Louis fills us on how how the band got back together, how the new songs for their Record Store Day seven inch came to be, and plans for a full length album in 2015. We also discuss the break-up of the band and how families and maturity change band dynamics. in addition, we go round the table and discuss whether or not it's necessary for new bands to even put out new material, or if shows are enough, and is it important to have original members back in the band. We also dig into bands if some bands appear to be more interested in the festival paycheck than reuniting for more artistic reasons, what bands reunited that none of us expected, which reunions exceeded expectations and which were let downs, and what bands do we really, really wish would reunite, but probably won't. It's a big show you don't want to miss.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - It's Holy by Veruca Salt

11:01 - The Museum of Broken Relationships by Veruca Salt

18:36 - Son of Three by The Breeders

21:07 - Matamoros by The Afghan Whigs

42:52 - Almost Ready by Dinosaur Jr.

Outro - Surface Envy by Sleater-Kinney

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#216: Release by Cop Shoot Cop

March 3, 2015

This week's Requested Review is the fourth and final album by Cop Shoot Cop, 1994's Release. Neither of us knew what to expect, and our preconceived notions based on the album cover were quickly dashed as this hard-to-categorize two-bass, drum, minimalist guitar, vocal and occasional piano, horns and harmonica band took us on a interesting ride through post-punk, industrial and straight-up rock conventions.

Songs in the Episode:

Intro - Interference

2:21 - History of the Band

8:20 - It Only Hurts When I Breathe

12:03 - Any Day Now

14:34 - Suckerpunch

21:43 - Lullaby

Outro - Turning Inside Out

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#215: Interview with John Davis of Superdrag and The Lees of Memory

February 24, 2015

Joining us this week is John Davis of Superdrag and The Lees of Memory. We discuss how The Lees of Memory formed, writing and recording the debut Sisyphus Says released last year, and plans for touring and the second album due out later in 2015. John tells us about his musical up bringing, getting his first guitar, playing in a variety of real and imagined bands, before hooking up with the guys who would form Superdrag. From there, we discuss the pros and cons of working with a major label in the 1990s, how age can alter the perception of lyrics written over a decade ago,  the importance of publishing in keeping a band together, and we get an impromptu drum solo from a young member of the Davis clan. John also explains his decision to (temporarily) put the Superdrag name to rest and record as a solo artist, then front Epic Ditch before taking Superdrag for one last spin.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - We Are Siamese by The Lees of Memory

4:36 - Deliquesce by The Lees of Memory

28:26 - Pine Away by Superdrag

43:51 - Bankrupt Vibration by Superdrag

1:06:19 - Drag Me Closer To You by Superdrag

1:16:58 - I Hear Your Voice by John Davis

1:28:52 - Singular Form by Epic Ditch

Outro - Little Fallen Star

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#214: Attack of the Grey Lantern by Mansun

February 17, 2015

Thanks to a Requested Review, we're able to continue our Britpop month with Mansun and their debut released from 1997, Attack of the Grey Lantern. We (re)discover the perils of trying to review a record released with different versions for the US and UK on various streaming platforms, and not communicating about it before the review. Still, we managed to form some coherent thoughts about a band that draws as much from their nearby Britpop influences as American bands from decades earlier.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Take It Easy, Chicken

5:07 - History of the Band

10:32 - Stripper Vicar

16:05 - Wide Open Space

22:46 - The Chad Who Loved Me / Millennium (Robbie Williams)

Outro - Taxloss

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#213: Discussion on Britpop

February 10, 2015

For our Britpop round table, we're joined by returning guests Neal Schmitt and Andy Derer, as well as newbie Jim Kopeny. We talk about how we discovered Britpop and our favorite bands and albums of the era, discuss the effect of "Noelrock" and Wonderwall on the second wave of Britpop bands, and legacy Britpop left behind.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Connection by Elastica

3:54 - When & Where We Discovered Britpop

11:02 - Albums That Have Stood The Test of Time and Haven't

11:51 - King of the Kerb by Echobelly

16:36 - Are The Verve Britpop/What Makes the Britpop Sound?

24:14 - A Design For Life by Manic Street Preachers

30:36 - "Noelrock" and the Wonderwall Effect

35:57 - One-Hit Wonders

36:59 - Hey Dude by Kula Shaker

43:01 - Discussion on Pulp

52:49 - Legacy of Britpop/Post-Britpop

Outro - Pick A Part That's New by Stereophonics

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