#170: A Very Special Afghan Whigs Episode

Grab a beverage, find a comfortable seat, or hop in the car for a road trip, because this is a long one. We take in an in-depth look at the history of one our favorite bands, The Afghan Whigs, with special guest Lee Heidel, proprietor of SummerKiss.com, the longest running and most comprehensive Afghan Whigs, Twilight Singers, Gutter Twins and all-things Greg Dulli website on the planet. Then, we go off into uncharted territory and review a new album! Do To The Beast is the first Afghan Whigs album in sixteen years, but did the beast slay our expectations? The results may shock you, tune in to find out. 

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Gentlemen

15:27 - Retarded

21:47 - Come See About Me

35:05 - Stage Banter/Never Take The Place of Your Man

42:33 - 66

1:06:23 - Matamoros

1:17:16 - Algiers

1:47:30 - Royal Cream

1:55:42 - These Sticks

Outro - Miles Iz Dead

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#169: Play With Love by Crow

We're back again to Australian for this week's requested review - the 1998 album Play With Love by Crow. Dark and ominous, with comparison to Girls Against Boys and Nick Cave, Crow shift gears throughout the album, from an industrial grind one track to a samba swing on the next - a dangerous combination in the wrong hands. Does Crow have what it takes to pull it off? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - A Broken Machine

4:49 - History of the Band

13:03 - Hate Need

16:55 - Swollen Venus

21:27 - Bobby Pin

Outro - Press On Let Go
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#168: Elsewhere for 8 Minutes by Something for Kate

Our run of Requested Reviews continues with the 1997 debut album Elsewhere for 8 Minutes by Australia's Something for Kate. On the surface this band sounds like a slightly edgier Bush, but dig deeper (as we always do) and a more complex and interesting band appears. But what made Bush successful, besides Gavin Rossdale's beautiful hair, were the radio-friendly vocal hooks. Does SFK produce the same results? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Prick

2:41 - History of the Band

11:54 - Captain (Million Miles An Hour)

17:39 - Prick

22:10 - Working Against Me

Outro - Strategy
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#167: Self Titled LP by Karp

This week's Requested Review provides us with one of heaviest and loudest bands we've ever covered, Karp, and their third and final album, Self Titled LP. At only eight songs and barely thirty minutes, Self Titled LP is still a challenging album to get through thanks to plenty of abrasive mid-level frequency guitar, tempos that move from Melvins-eque sludge to frenetic punk, with a screaming vocal on top of it all. How can we not love this combination? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Bacon Industry

3:00 - History of the Band

10:22 - Bacon Industry

17:18 - Forget the Minions

25:25 - D+D Fantasy

Outro - J is for Genius
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#166: Beat by Bowery Electric

A listener suggestion takes us into previously unexplored territory - namely the ambient trip-hop of Bowery Electric, and their 1996 album Beat. Simple is an understatement, as Bowery Electric takes minimalism to near Brian Eno levels, experimenting with two-note songs and lyric-less vocals. You might expect a hate-fest from two rock lovers, and you'd be wrong. Tune in to find out where the surprises lie on Beat.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Without Stopping

4:57 - History of the Band

8:35 - Beat

23:20 - Fear of Flying

29:18 - Inside Out

Outro - Coming Down

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#165: 10 Minute Warning by 10 Minute Warning

This week we're tackling the one and only release by Seattle punk band 10 Minute Warning, their 1998 self-titled album. The story of 10MW is long and troubled, taking over 20 years to release their only album, but what really matters is the music. This slab o' grunge sounds more appropriate for 1988 than 1998, but thanks to the combination of musicians and producer, 10MW sounds much more like an originator than an imitator.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Buried,

3:06 - History of the Band

18:01 - Face First

22:21 - Buried

31:26 - Erthe

Outro - Pictures
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#164: Ear Candy by King’s X

A listener suggestion brings us the sixth studio album by King's X, their 1996 release Ear Candy. Respected and admired by musicians and a legion of dedicated fans, King's X may be the quintessential overlooked and under-appreciated Dig Me Out band. Despite heavy riffs, immaculate production and layers of harmonies, Ear Candy never made an impact on commercial radio. We try to figure out why.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Sometime

3:40 - History of the Band

12:49 - The Train

20:08 - American Cheese (Jerry's Pianto)

29:53 - Mississippi Moon

Outro - Picture

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#163: Psalm 69 by Ministry

Thanks to a listener suggestion, we're finally getting a chance to revisit Ministry, and their 1992 release Psalm 69. Much like the band, we cover a lot of ground with a lengthy discussion on this important and influential album, with special guest (and suggestor) Matthew Sleightholme joining us from the UK to tackle the sounds, politics and narcotic indulgences of Al Jourgenson and crew.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - N.W.O.

7:52 - History of the Band

21:34 - Just One Fix

46:11 - Jesus Built My Hotrod

Outro - Corrosion

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#162: 30 Something by Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

#162: 30 Something by Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

Our first Requested Review of the year gives us a chance to check out Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, and their 1991 sophomore album 30 Something. Carter USM run the proverbial gamut of music history, from orchestral waltzes to Pet Shop Boy-esque dance anthems to Ministry and Sex Pistol vitriol, but with a bevy of digital help. Does the 1991 keyboard and drum programming stand the test of time? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Bloodsport for All

2:42 - History of the Band

7:32 - A Prince in a Pauper's Grave

14:51 - Billy's Smart Circus

20:12 - Surfin' USM

Outro - Anytime Anyplace Anywhere

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#161: Stereo Type A by Cibo Matto

With a new Cibo Matto album out this week, it's a perfect time to revisit the oddball band from the 90s and their sophomore album Stereo Type A from 1999. Expanding their band and sound allows the band to bring in a variety of elements and genres not heard on their debut release, but does that equal too much of a good thing? Tune into find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Spoon

6:38 - History of the Band

20:29 - Moonchild

30:05 - Speechless

43:42 - Stone

Outro - Sci-Fi Wasabi
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