#076: Interview with Joe Oestreich of Watershed, Part 1

June 26, 2012

On episode #76 we're joined by Watershed bassist/vocalist Joe Oestreich, author of the new book "Hitless Wonder: A Life in Minor League Rock and Roll." Joe has spent almost three decades traversing the country bringing his band's version of Midwestern power-pop to the masses, and has plenty of stories to tell in part one of a two part interview, discussing songwriting, recording, balancing two singer/songwriters, Billy Squire, the dirty secret about "live" albums and much, much more.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - I'd Be A Liar

14:18 - History of the Band

27:45 - How Do You Feel

37:17 - Star Vehicle

42:08 - Black Concert T-Shirt (Star Vehicle '98 version)

43:03 - Black Concert T-Shirt (The More It Hurts, The More It Works version)

51:21 - Consolation Prize

Outro - Give A Little Bit

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#075: Fitzcarraldo by The Frames

June 19, 2012

With the release of Glen Hansard's first solo record, we thought it was about time to revisit his pre-Swell Season, pre-Once band, The Frames, and their sophomore album from 1996, Fitzcarraldo. Many people know Hansard from the movie (and now Tony Award winning broadway musical) Once and his other band The Swell Season, but Hansard actually cut his teeth with his Dublin, Ireland outfit The Frames starting the early 1990s.

For Tim and Jason, this album goes back to the college radio days, and they've been singing it's praises ever since. Find out why this album is "criminally overlooked," and how that led to an end-of-show tangent about a new music-based reality show called Rock Cops coming to a channel near you very soon (or not).

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Monument

5:21 - History of the Band

12:47 - Revelate

17:00 - Monument

21:53 - Revelate

24:49 - Angel At My Table

27:31 - In This Boat Together

30:16 - Giving It All Away

Outro - Evergreen

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#074: Do The Collapse by Guided By Voices

June 12, 2012

With Guided By Voices reunited and releasing their second of three (!) albums in 2012, we decided to spend episode #74 reviewing the 1999 album Do the Collapse.

When Robert Pollard abandoned his trademark lo-fi sound to release a major label album, produced by the legendary Cars leader Ric Ocasek, it's safe to the say the reviews were mixed. And when we say mixed, we mean numerous die-hard fans hated it with a passion. But is their vitriol justified, or is this an under-appreciated gem in the GBV catalog? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Surgical Focus

3:11 - History of the Band

15:49 - Teenage FBI

19:37 - Surgical Focus

22:20 - Wormhole

24:29 - Hold On Hope

27:16 - Liquid Indian

29:19 - An Unmarketed Product

Outro - Zoo Pie

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#073: Not Meant For This World by Asteroid B-612

June 5, 2012

On episode #73 we head back down under thanks to a suggestion by our Australian friend-of-the-show, Gavin and take a listen to the 1997 album Not Meant for This World by Asteroid B-612.

The early punk of The Stooges and MC5 is prevalent in the sound of Asteroid B-612: raw energy, loud guitars and a big chorus. But does the band pull it off as well as the revered Hellacopters or ? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Emotional Tattoo

3:47 - History of the Band

11:52 - Thanks for Nuthin'

15:16 - Destination Blues

18:02 - Believe It's True

28:09 - Farewell to the Cosmic Commander

Outro - True Romance

And as we mentioned in the show, head over to ScottMorganMusic.com to help out Scott out with his medical bills.

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