#102: Season Two In Review

December 25, 2012

Season Two of Dig Me Out is in the books! For the last episode of 2012, we're taking a look back at our sophomore year and picking our top five favorite songs as well as our new album discovery.

We've got plenty of thanks to dispense to those who made Season Two a huge success: all of our great guests and folks who suggested albums, and of course our listeners.

Lastly, towards the end of the show there is a special announcement regarding something brand new in 2013 (hint: it's music related).

Note: Tim imbibed too much celebratory champagne and thought this podcast went up New Year's Day instead of Christmas Day. Tim promises to lay off the champagne in future episodes.

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#101: El Moodio by Eleventh Dream Day

December 18, 2012

For our last review of 2012, of course it's a listener suggestion. To wrap it up, we're checking out Chicago's Eleventh Dream Day and their 1993 album El Moodio. EDD provides a unique sound with their male/female vocal combination and wild swings from concise jangle pop to sprawling jam ballads. Does it all work? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Makin' Like a Rug

2:40 - History of the Band

9:57 - After This Time Is Gone

14:26 - Makin' Like a Rug

18:18 - Bend Bridge

Outro - Rubberband

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#100: Magic and Madness by Circus of Power

December 11, 2012

Episode #100 marks the second of two listener suggestion episodes that ignore the alternative and indie rock explosion of the 1990s in favor of some straight-up rock and roll that draws influences from metal, glam and hard rock of the previous decade. This week, it's Circus of Power and their 1993 album Magic & Madness. A number of bands pinned to the hair/glam rock era of the 1980s tried to transition their sound in the 90s, some successful and some not. COP worked with Jerry Cantrell of Alice and Chains and toured with Gruntruck, making an attempt to move in a more straightforward hard rock direction. Is it magic or madness? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Heaven & Hell

2:29 - History of the Band

7:05 - Swamp Devil

10:37 - Mama Tequila

17:49 - Black Roses

24:50 - Otta My Head

Outro - Shine

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#099: The Silent Majority by Life, Sex and Death

December 4, 2012

Thanks to a listener suggestion we're starting a two week exploration of the metal, glam and hard rock end of the 1990s with Life, Sex & Death, and their 1992 album The Silent Majority. Jason says LSD are the best live band he's ever seen, and has plenty to share about this one-album-and-done band that featured Van Halen-style riffs with Tom Waits-esque vocals, a weird combination that shouldn't work but somehow does.


Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Telephone Call

3:40 - History of the Band

10:48 - Blue Velvet Morning

20:59 - Schools for Fools

24:14 - Fuckin Shit Ass

29:52 - Jawohl Asshole

33:26 - Rise Above

Outro - Tank

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