#128: Love Tara by Eric’s Trip

June 25, 2013
One of our frequent suggestors, Dirty Gert, gave us three challenging records to review this year, so we thanked him for his generosity by giving a bonus review of his choosing. With that, he picked the 1993 album Love Tara by Eric's Trip. His first three picks confused and confounded us, with this follow suit, or do we finally connect witha a Dirty Gert selection? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Follow
12:12 - Anytime You Want
15:37 - Allergic To Love
19:11 - Sunlight
24:18 - Stove
Outro - Spring


#127: Interview with the members of Lotion

June 18, 2013

To help us revisit the suggested review of Lotion's 1996 sophomore album Nobody's Cool, we invited the whole band to join us, and they took us up on the offer. Brothers Bill and Jim Ferguson, Rob Youngberg and Tony Zajkowski all stop by to talk about history of Lotion, how their band name cost them ten grand, and we learn what happens when six Skype users can't maintain a consistent wi-fi signal. We kept the technical difficulties in this one for your amusement.

Oh, and EARMUFFs for the kids, things get a little blue.

Songs in the Episode:

Intro - The New Timmy
21:25 - Blind for Now
28:08 - Dear Sir
43:09 - The New Timmy
56:08 - Sandra
Outro - Dalmacia

#126: Year of the Rat by NY Loose

June 11, 2013

We're back with another pick by Jason, and we've got some good old fashioned disagreement! Unique and original, or familiar and predictable? Where does the the 1996 album Year of the Rat by NY Loose fall? Tune in to find out.

Songs in the Episode:

Intro - Rip Me Up

2:33 - History of the Band

7:10 - Detonator

8:53 - Sunday Morning

12:23 - Broken

17:37 - Rip Me Up

Outro - Trash the Given Chance

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#125: I Love You by I Love You

June 4, 2013

#125: I Love You by I Love You

We're back with another requested review, and this one has left us a bit confused. I Love You is a band with little history or output, but what they did leave us is a self-titled debut album that shifts between Jane's Addiction-like alternative funk and Guns N' Roses riffing. See what we mean by confused?

Songs in the Episode:

Intro - Open You

1:58 - History of the Band

4:01 - Fuzz the Whirl

8:25 - Hang Straight Up

11:27 - 2

23:47 - She's The One/I.N.S.E.T.

Outro - She's The One/I.N.S.E.T.

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