#163: Psalm 69 by Ministry

February 25, 2014

Thanks to a listener suggestion, we're finally getting a chance to revisit Ministry, and their 1992 release Psalm 69. Much like the band, we cover a lot of ground with a lengthy discussion on this important and influential album, with special guest (and suggestor) Matthew Sleightholme joining us from the UK to tackle the sounds, politics and narcotic indulgences of Al Jourgenson and crew.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - N.W.O.

7:52 - History of the Band

21:34 - Just One Fix

46:11 - Jesus Built My Hotrod

Outro - Corrosion

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#162: 30 Something by Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

February 18, 2014

#162: 30 Something by Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

Our first Requested Review of the year gives us a chance to check out Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, and their 1991 sophomore album 30 Something. Carter USM run the proverbial gamut of music history, from orchestral waltzes to Pet Shop Boy-esque dance anthems to Ministry and Sex Pistol vitriol, but with a bevy of digital help. Does the 1991 keyboard and drum programming stand the test of time? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Bloodsport for All

2:42 - History of the Band

7:32 - A Prince in a Pauper's Grave

14:51 - Billy's Smart Circus

20:12 - Surfin' USM

Outro - Anytime Anyplace Anywhere

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#161: Stereo Type A by Cibo Matto

February 11, 2014

With a new Cibo Matto album out this week, it's a perfect time to revisit the oddball band from the 90s and their sophomore album Stereo Type A from 1999. Expanding their band and sound allows the band to bring in a variety of elements and genres not heard on their debut release, but does that equal too much of a good thing? Tune into find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Spoon

6:38 - History of the Band

20:29 - Moonchild

30:05 - Speechless

43:42 - Stone

Outro - Sci-Fi Wasabi


#160: Nu-Clear Sounds by Ash

February 4, 2014

Although 90s Britpop is best known for Oasis and Blur, plenty of bands skirted the edges of stardom, among those are Ash. This week we revisit their 1998 sophomore album Nu-Clear Sounds. Dabbling equally in Britpop and American alternative, Nu-Clear Sounds bounces from delicate ballads to fuzzed-out rave-ups in an instant. Is it genius, or jarring? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Jesus Says

3:50 - History of the Band

8:54 - Projects

16:49 - Wild Surf

27:50 - Fortune Teller

Outro - Folk Song

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