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#180: Prize by Wanderlust

#180: Prize by Wanderlust

June 24, 2014

This week's album, the 1995 debut Prize by Wanderlust, begs a lot of questions? Can the youth appreciate power pop? Can music be too good for radio? And how did Collective Soul manage to pump out six singles from their second album? We dig deep through the depths of Wanderlust, take a few detours, and arrive a sorely overlooked and appreciated gem.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Wanna Feel New

2:37 - History of the Band

9:20 - Flash and Shadow

14:05 - Coffee in the Kitchen

20:00 - Prize

Outro - Before We Fade
#179: Silver Sun by Silver Sun

#179: Silver Sun by Silver Sun

June 17, 2014

Our requested review for this week takes us back to the UK to check out the 1997 self-titled debut album from Silver Sun. Hooks, harmonies and loud guitars sum up Silver Sun's freshman release, and it's chock full of them. Song after song is a sugar sweet power pop attack, with nods to Cheap Trick, Jellyfish, The Beatles, Beach Boys and more. But is it too much of a good thing? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Service

3:19 - History of the Band

12:55 - Bad Haircut

17:08 - Animals Feet

22:03 - Dumb

26:36 - Lava

Outro - Julia
#178: The Din Pedals by The Din Pedals

#178: The Din Pedals by The Din Pedals

June 10, 2014

Our latest requested review requires us to ask a question - when is it showing your influences, and when is it ripping them off entirely? On their one and only release, the 1998 self-titled album by The Din Pedals walk the precarious line between the two, thanks to lead singer James Grundler's Thom York-like tenor, and a band that easily recreates the dramatic bombast and minor chord melancholy of Radiohead, U2 and Our Lady Peace.

Songs in this Episode

Intro - Downtown Sister

3:41 - History of the Band

9:52 - Naked is Foreign

16:25 - Aliens

22:52 - Waterfall

26:15 - Ashtray

Outro - Emotional Drugs
#177: Kiss My Ass - Classic Kiss Regrooved

#177: Kiss My Ass - Classic Kiss Regrooved

June 3, 2014

What's a good way for an otherwise musically incompatible band to find an audience in the 1990s? Enlist the most popular country artist, several popular alternative bands, a few respected metal bands, and for the hell of it, and Japanese artist, to cover your songs. That's exactly what KISS did for the 1994 tribute album Kiss My Ass - Classic KISS Regrooved. We dive into the songs, and reasoning behind this not-so-easy to digest compilation existing in the first place.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Plaster Caster

25:30 - Hard Luck Woman

37:37 - Rock and Roll All Nite

46:10 - Goin' Blind

58:18 - Detroit Rock City

Outro - She

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