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#207: Season Four in Review

#207: Season Four in Review

December 30, 2014

This week, we wrap up 2014 and our fourth season of Dig Me Out out with a list of our five favorite new tunes we discovered, as well as our favorite album of the year.

We've got big news about our bigger and better 2015 season, and at the end, we give away our second Requested Review thank you prize.

Thanks to everyone who made our fourth year great - our listeners, our guests, our donators - here's to an even better 2015!

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#206: The Sun Is Often Out by Longpigs

#206: The Sun Is Often Out by Longpigs

December 23, 2014

We wrap up our reviews for 2014 with a Requested Review of the Longpigs, and their 1996 debut album The Sun Is Often Out. Smack dab in the middle of Britpop hysteria, Longpigs deliver an album that finds itself somewhere between the very British Suede and Pulp, while also nodding to bigger idea bands like Radiohead and Blur, while still maintaining a unique approach thanks to the guitar work of Richard Hawley. But is that enough? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - She Said

3:13 - On And On

5:23 - History of the Band

15:34 - Elvis

19:38 - Lost Myself

25:19 - Over Our Bodies

29:02 - Jesus Christ

Outro - Dozen Wicked Words

#205: Gone by Beasts of Bourbon

#205: Gone by Beasts of Bourbon

December 16, 2014

We're back with another Requested Review, and this week we're checking out the 1997 album Gone by Sydney, Australia's Beasts of Bourbon. With a career spanning over thirty years, BOB's output has been relatively small at only six full-length albums, but their influence, as well as the bands connected to BOB, has been felt world wide. 

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Saturated

3:23 - History of the Band

10:32 - Makem Cry

14:18 - Saturated

16:09 - I Suppose

20:11 - Get On

Outro - So Long

#204: Scared Straight by New Bomb Turks

#204: Scared Straight by New Bomb Turks

December 9, 2014

This week we take on Columbus, Ohio punk rock legends the New Bomb Turks. While Green Day, The Offspring and Rancid were tacking punk rock to the mainstream, bands like the Turks forged a louder, more aggressive path along side Rock From The Crypt, influencing the sounds of The Hives and Hellacopters with their Chuck Berry and Rolling Stones riffage on overdrive. Their 1996 album Scared Straight finds the band in new territory, going beyond the vocal, guitar, bass and drum set-up. Does it work? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Hammerless Nail

4:24 - History of the Band

9:15 - Hammerless Nail

14:31 - Professional Againster

15:49 - Wrest Your Hands

23:16 - Bachelor's High

Outro - Jukebox Lean

#203: The Lizard by Saigon Kick

#203: The Lizard by Saigon Kick

December 2, 2014

This week we revisit the 1992 sophomore album The Lizard by Saigon Kick. With sounds the recall a diverse group of bands such as Alice in Chains, Ozzy Osbourne, King's X and even the Beatles, The Lizard is a confusing journey the produces some very high highs and some very low lows. Is it an album worth checking out? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Hostile Youth

2:58 - Love Is On The Way

5:28 - History of the Band

11:51 - God of 42nd Street

13:26 - All I Want

19:27 - Peppermint Tribe

21:47 - All Alright

Outro - Freedom

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