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#324: Digging Your Scene - Roundtable Discussion on Los Angeles in the 90s

#324: Digging Your Scene - Roundtable Discussion on Los Angeles in the 90s

March 28, 2017

For our next installment of the Digging Your Scene roundtable series, we are exploring sights and sounds of Los Angeles in the 1990s. To help us do so, the following guests joined us:

Brian Klein of Scout B Entertainment - his first time on the show, Brian moved to Los Angeles in the early 90s, starting as an intern at Rick Rubin’s American Recordings label as well as employee of Aron’s Records, he has worked in management and promotion of dozens of bands and currently manages Fitz and The Tantrums among others.

Kellii Scott of Failure - making his third visit (#211 & #239), Kellii moved to LA in the 80s and played in a number of bands before joining Failure, later drumming for Blinker The Star, Campfire Girls, Veruca Salt and more. Failure are currently wrapping up the Pledgemusic campaign for the 20th anniversary live recording of their 1997 album Fantastic Planet.

Shawn Michael Foster, director - also making his third visit (#64 & #236), Shawn moved to LA in the latter half of the 90s and started as music video director for bands such as Stabbing Westward, Chevelle, Sugarcult, Drive-by Truckers and many more. He is currently working on a television pilot and videos for Los Kingdom.

We talk music clubs, weekly papers, records stores and more, plus reminisce about bands starting out that made it big and those that should have but never did, plus muggings, drugs, tangents and more tangents. It’s a lively, loose conversation that would have taken place at the Rainbow Room in 1998 if we had a time machine and a bunch of cash. Also, what’s the coolest thing currently about Ohio according to Kellii Scott, who shares some details on the next Failure album.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - LA Medley (Jane’s Addiction, Weezer, Beck, Rage Against The Machine, Tool)

Outro - Stuck on You by Failure

Previous Episodes Referenced:

#060: Cheer Up by Plexi with Michael Angelos and Michael Barragan

#072: August Everywhere by Blinker The Star with Jordon Zadorozny

#156: Villa Elaine by Remy Zero

#200: Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 by Guns ‘n Roses with Chip Midnight

#201: Interview with Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom

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#323: Interview with Eli Janney of Girls Against Boys and the 8G Band

#323: Interview with Eli Janney of Girls Against Boys and the 8G Band

March 21, 2017

This week we get to chat with Eli Janney, who you may know as the keyboardist, bassist and backing vocals in Girls Against Boys. You may also know him as the producer for such bands as Brainiac, Ryan Adams, Skeleton Key, Jesse Maiin and many more. You may also know him as the man who remixed tracks by artists such as the Sneaker Pimps, Ruby, Hooverphonic, Enon and more. You may also know him as the current keyboardist and associate music director in the 8G Band on Late Night with Seth Meyers. What we’re saying is, Eli is a busy guy, because that doesn’t even include his music engineering and mixing credits, as well as his other work in television and film. We talk to about how he ended up in the world of late night television all the way back to his time working at the legendary Inner Ear recording studio with Don Zientara that documented so much of the ‘80s DC punk and hardcore scene. We learn how GVSB formed, the trials of a touring with a keyboard in 1992, and what it means to be in a band with a distinct and recognizable “sound” and how that both focuses and restricts creativity. All this and much, much more.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Let Me Come Back

Outro - Boogie Wonderland

#322: Shuttlecock by Super TransAtlantic

#322: Shuttlecock by Super TransAtlantic

March 14, 2017

Our latest Patreon pick revisits the one and only album from Super TransAtlatnic, the 2000 release Shuttlecock. You may be familiar with the band thanks to their contribution to the 1999 American Pie soundtrack, or the fact that 3/4′s of the band were previously called Saigon Kick (the 1/4 from Extreme, to round out the equation, so to speak). Either way, the sound of STA won’t come as a shock - guitar riffs paired with melodic vocals and harmonies that recall the layered assault of The Smashing Pumpkins one minute and power-pop-punk of Marvelous 3 the next. It’s big, loud and hooky, but is it any good? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Super Down

12:44 - Shuttlecock

19:02 - Superstar

22:09 - Dumb

27:18 - Satellite

Outro - Can’t Stand Losing You

#321: Twisted Willie - A Tribute To Willie Nelson

#321: Twisted Willie - A Tribute To Willie Nelson

March 7, 2017

There were dozens, perhaps hundreds, of tribute albums in the 90s to feature a wide array of talented artists with varying results. Thanks to a Patreon subscriber suggestion, we’re checking out the 1996 release Twisted Willie - A Tribute To Willie Nelson. As with all tribute albums, some artists and bands stay close to the original version while other radically reinterpret, and that’s the case with Twisted Willie. We definitely found interpretations we liked and others that left us scratching our heads - tune in to find out which ones.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Shotgun Willie by Tenderloin

14:48 - She’s Not For You by Mark Lanegan

17:15 - Home Motel by X

19:34 - I’ve Seen All This World I Care To See by Jerry Cantrell

29:44 - Time of the Preacher by Johnny Cash

Outro - Bloody Mary Morning by Supersuckers

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