Dig Me Out - The 90s rock podcast

#359: Interview with Rick Ruhl of Every Mother’s Nightmare

November 28, 2017

Rick Ruhl and Every Mother’s Nightmare are back with a new album, and he stops by to share their story. He takes his back to his formative years, his first concert (Alice Cooper!) and his earliest bands before forming EMN, who ended up signed by the legendary Clive Davis to Arista records after just thirteen gigs together. We dig into the awkward early 90s when bands with ballads and hair were lumped together regardless of their sound, and then written off collectively as grunge and alternative exploded. We discuss the Perris Records years, the various guest artists who appear on the new album, and a whole lot more.

Special thanks to Bill Chavis at HighVolMusic for helping put this together!

Songs in this Episode

Intro - Loco Crazy

1:46 - Loco Crazy

50:56 - Upper Hand

Outro - Blown Away


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