Dig Me Out - 90s Rock Review
#202: Interview of Clay Tarver of Chavez

#202: Interview of Clay Tarver of Chavez

November 25, 2014

Joining us this week is Clay Tarver, guitarist of Chavez, to talk about the history of the band and their two releases for Matador Records, 1995's Gone Glimmering and 1996's Ride The Fader. We go deep into the past, present and future of the band, dig into their connection to Ohio via Guided By Voices and the New Bomb Turks, explore the development of the Chavez sound, how Zwan uncovered an unknown Chavez fanbase, discuss the possibility of a new Chavez album, and much, much more. And that's not the half of it, as we revisit his time pre-Chavez in Bullet LaVolta, how college roommate Donal Logue lead him to J.J. Abrams and a career in screenwriting, and working with Mike Judge on the HBO show Silicon Valley.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Break Up You Band

6:54 - Cold Joys

24:25 - Repeat The Ending

36:58 - You Faded

40:10 - Peeled Out Too Late

43:53 - Break Up Your Band

52:33 - The Ghost By The Sea

56:48 - Flight '96

1:33:57 - Wakeman's Air

Outro - Top Pocket Man

#201: Interview with Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom

#201: Interview with Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom

November 18, 2014

This week Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom joins us for an in-depth discuss about their 1993 album Big Red Letter Day. We cover a wide range of topics that include: writing, recording and touring the album, what happens when special visitors like Gene Simmons and David Lynch stop by your recording sessions with the legendary Robb Brothers, incorporating influences from bands like The Who and Rolling Stones, making videos, guitar rig set-ups, the band history, how My So-Called Life changed fan demographics, and much much more.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Tree House

29:29 - Tree House

34:19 - Suppose

45:52 - I'm Allowed

1:06:35 - Would Not Be Denied

1:12:05 - Late At Night

Outro - Sodajerk

#200: Use Your Illusion I & 2 by Guns n’ Roses

#200: Use Your Illusion I & 2 by Guns n’ Roses

November 11, 2014

Big numbers call for big celebrations, and with Dig Me Out hitting episode #200, we thought it was time to tackle a big record. Nevermind? Ten? Badmotorfinger? Siamese Dream? To predicable! Like Guns n' Roses, we decided to go the biggest of the big and tackle the ambitious double album of the decade Billy Corgan wasn't a part of, the one-two punch of 1991's Use Your Illusion 1 & 2. To help us tackle this behemoth, Chip Midnight stops by to help us breakdown these 30(!) songs.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - You Could Be Mine

19:06 - Live and Let Die

29:45 - Perfect Crime

39:49 - Dust N' Bones

1:02:14 - Civil War

Outro - Don't Cry

#199: American Grafishy by Flipper

#199: American Grafishy by Flipper

November 4, 2014

#199: American Grafishy by Flipper

This week we take on the only 90s release by the legendary band Flipper, their 1993 album American Grafishy. The anti-punk punk band, who traded high speed riffing for Sabbath-induced sludge, show why they encountered as much adoration as scorn with their five plus minute long dirges. Was it worth the nine year wait between albums? Tune in to find out. 

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Telephone

3:57 - History of the Band

12:34 - Flipper Twist

18:34 - We're Not Crazy

25:07 - Someday

Outro - Exist of Else
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