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#215: Interview with John Davis of Superdrag and The Lees of Memory

#215: Interview with John Davis of Superdrag and The Lees of Memory

February 24, 2015

Joining us this week is John Davis of Superdrag and The Lees of Memory. We discuss how The Lees of Memory formed, writing and recording the debut Sisyphus Says released last year, and plans for touring and the second album due out later in 2015. John tells us about his musical up bringing, getting his first guitar, playing in a variety of real and imagined bands, before hooking up with the guys who would form Superdrag. From there, we discuss the pros and cons of working with a major label in the 1990s, how age can alter the perception of lyrics written over a decade ago,  the importance of publishing in keeping a band together, and we get an impromptu drum solo from a young member of the Davis clan. John also explains his decision to (temporarily) put the Superdrag name to rest and record as a solo artist, then front Epic Ditch before taking Superdrag for one last spin.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - We Are Siamese by The Lees of Memory

4:36 - Deliquesce by The Lees of Memory

28:26 - Pine Away by Superdrag

43:51 - Bankrupt Vibration by Superdrag

1:06:19 - Drag Me Closer To You by Superdrag

1:16:58 - I Hear Your Voice by John Davis

1:28:52 - Singular Form by Epic Ditch

Outro - Little Fallen Star

#214: Attack of the Grey Lantern by Mansun

#214: Attack of the Grey Lantern by Mansun

February 17, 2015

Thanks to a Requested Review, we're able to continue our Britpop month with Mansun and their debut released from 1997, Attack of the Grey Lantern. We (re)discover the perils of trying to review a record released with different versions for the US and UK on various streaming platforms, and not communicating about it before the review. Still, we managed to form some coherent thoughts about a band that draws as much from their nearby Britpop influences as American bands from decades earlier.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Take It Easy, Chicken

5:07 - History of the Band

10:32 - Stripper Vicar

16:05 - Wide Open Space

22:46 - The Chad Who Loved Me / Millennium (Robbie Williams)

Outro - Taxloss

#213: Discussion on Britpop

#213: Discussion on Britpop

February 10, 2015

For our Britpop round table, we're joined by returning guests Neal Schmitt and Andy Derer, as well as newbie Jim Kopeny. We talk about how we discovered Britpop and our favorite bands and albums of the era, discuss the effect of "Noelrock" and Wonderwall on the second wave of Britpop bands, and legacy Britpop left behind.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Connection by Elastica

3:54 - When & Where We Discovered Britpop

11:02 - Albums That Have Stood The Test of Time and Haven't

11:51 - King of the Kerb by Echobelly

16:36 - Are The Verve Britpop/What Makes the Britpop Sound?

24:14 - A Design For Life by Manic Street Preachers

30:36 - "Noelrock" and the Wonderwall Effect

35:57 - One-Hit Wonders

36:59 - Hey Dude by Kula Shaker

43:01 - Discussion on Pulp

52:49 - Legacy of Britpop/Post-Britpop

Outro - Pick A Part That's New by Stereophonics

#212: Your Arsenal by Morrissey

#212: Your Arsenal by Morrissey

February 3, 2015

This week's Requested Review kicks off our Britpop month with one of the Godfather's of the sound, Morrissey, and his 1992 album Your Arsenal. While Morrissey's partnership with Johnny Marr in The Smiths produced legendary results, his output as a solo artists hasn't been nearly as consistent or compelling. With a new band for this album, do they match the lyrical aspirations of Morrissey? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Glamorous Glue

3:44 - History of the Band

11:47 - You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

15:16 - We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

17:57 - Certain People I Know

20:18 - Glamorous Glue

26:42 - The National Front Disco

Outro - We'll Let You Know

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