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#215: Interview with John Davis of Superdrag and The Lees of Memory

February 24, 2015

Joining us this week is John Davis of Superdrag and The Lees of Memory. We discuss how The Lees of Memory formed, writing and recording the debut Sisyphus Says released last year, and plans for touring and the second album due out later in 2015. John tells us about his musical up bringing, getting his first guitar, playing in a variety of real and imagined bands, before hooking up with the guys who would form Superdrag. From there, we discuss the pros and cons of working with a major label in the 1990s, how age can alter the perception of lyrics written over a decade ago,  the importance of publishing in keeping a band together, and we get an impromptu drum solo from a young member of the Davis clan. John also explains his decision to (temporarily) put the Superdrag name to rest and record as a solo artist, then front Epic Ditch before taking Superdrag for one last spin.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - We Are Siamese by The Lees of Memory

4:36 - Deliquesce by The Lees of Memory

28:26 - Pine Away by Superdrag

43:51 - Bankrupt Vibration by Superdrag

1:06:19 - Drag Me Closer To You by Superdrag

1:16:58 - I Hear Your Voice by John Davis

1:28:52 - Singular Form by Epic Ditch

Outro - Little Fallen Star

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