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#359: Interview with Rick Ruhl of Every Mother’s Nightmare

#359: Interview with Rick Ruhl of Every Mother’s Nightmare

November 28, 2017

Rick Ruhl and Every Mother’s Nightmare are back with a new album, and he stops by to share their story. He takes his back to his formative years, his first concert (Alice Cooper!) and his earliest bands before forming EMN, who ended up signed by the legendary Clive Davis to Arista records after just thirteen gigs together. We dig into the awkward early 90s when bands with ballads and hair were lumped together regardless of their sound, and then written off collectively as grunge and alternative exploded. We discuss the Perris Records years, the various guest artists who appear on the new album, and a whole lot more.

Special thanks to Bill Chavis at HighVolMusic for helping put this together!

Songs in this Episode

Intro - Loco Crazy

1:46 - Loco Crazy

50:56 - Upper Hand

Outro - Blown Away

#358: Gran Turismo by The Cardigans

#358: Gran Turismo by The Cardigans

November 21, 2017

On the follow-up to their breakthrough album, The Cardigans 1998 release Gran Turismo asks you to put on headphones and chill. Though known for their bouncy pop single Lovefool, words like moody and introspective better represent their overall sound. Taking cues from a wide range of musical styles and distilling them into a controlled and unique album that owes as much to 90s downtown electronica and trip-hop as well as metal and industrial music. Yes, we’re dead serious, there more on going here than you probably noticed at first glance, so allow us to indulge our digressions, then let us know if you agree or disagree on our take.

Songs in this Episode

Intro - Erase/Rewind

9:44 - My Favorite Game

18:22 - Paralyzed

21:27 - Do You Believe

32:43 - Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (Manic Street Preachers feat. Nina Persson)

Outro -  Explode

#357: Sophomore Slump Revisited - Freak Show by Silverchair

#357: Sophomore Slump Revisited - Freak Show by Silverchair

November 14, 2017

On the follow-up to their teenage debut, Silverchair fattened the sound but not the sales, we try to figure out what happened. When 1995′s Frogstomp exploded, the kids from Australia were pegged as Nirvana wannabes with plenty of growing to do. The still managed to sell millions of albums and score a bunch of hit singles. The sophomore release Freakshow from 1997 actually fared better with critics, but the sales dipped considerably, both in the US and their native Australia. To help us determine if this is truly a sophomore slump, we’re joined by Jeff Takacs (Rocketfuel podcast), Joe Royland (Sit and Spin with Joe vidcast) and Steve Muczynski (Hollow Earth) to revisit the record with fresh ears.

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Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Freak

14:31 - Slave

25:21 - Cemetery

47:56 - Roses

Outro - Abuse Me

#356: Firecracker by Lisa Loeb

#356: Firecracker by Lisa Loeb

November 7, 2017

On her sophomore release Firecracker, Lisa Loeb mixes pop hooks and confessional ballads with mixed results. Known for the hit “Stay” from the Reality Bites soundtrack and the 1995 album Tails, her 1997 release under her own name has some made for radio pop singles as well as more intimate material. Sometimes the sparse approach works, adding flavor to the sound, and other times the musicians backing her leave us wondering who this album is for - pop listeners? Adult contemporary stations? Coffee house singer songwriters? Our confusion left us with mixed opinions - give a listen and share your thoughts if we got it right or wrong on Firecracker.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - I Do

11:38 - Falling In Love

16:47 - Let’s Forget About It

18:50 - Firecracker

Outro - Truthfully

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