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#402: Mellow Gold by Beck

#402: Mellow Gold by Beck

September 25, 2018

We revisit Beck's major label debut Mellow Gold, was it a warm-up for the multi-platinum Odelay, or is Loser the only worthwhile nugget?


Songs in this episode:

Intro - Loser

12:54 -Soul Suckin' Jerk

17:58 - Beercan

26:28 - Truckdrivin Neighbors Downstairs (Yellow Sweat)

Outro - Sweet Sunshine


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Patreon Preview: Power Pop in the ’00s Discussion

Patreon Preview: Power Pop in the ’00s Discussion

September 20, 2018

Wondering about our exclusive content over at Patreon? Here's a sample of the first five minutes of our extended twenty minute discussion on Power Pop as we chat about the 2000s.

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#401: Power Pop Of The 90s

#401: Power Pop Of The 90s

September 18, 2018

For a lot of people, the rock music subgenre known as "power pop" is one of those "you know it when you hear it" situations. However, over the years many have tried to describe and dissect what makes power pop unique from musical cousins such as pop rock or jangle pop. Like the 70s and 80s before them, 90s power pop bands put their own spin on the sound, adding a little more guitar crunch while incorporating the hallmark harmonies, British Invasion influenced melodies and arrangements, and other key elements, thanks bands like Sloan, Jellyfish, Teenage Fanclub, Superdrag, Fountains Of Wayne and The Posies, and artists like Matthew Sweet, Tommy Keene and Jason Falkner. With our panel, we dig into the sounds, the songs, the albums and the artists of 90s power pop.


Songs in this episode:

Intro - Sick Of Myself by Matthew Sweet

32:14 - Buddy Holly by Weezer

37:05 - Bottle Of Fur by Urge Overkill

46:17 - Money City Maniacs by Sloan

52:41 - What You Do To Me by Teenage Fanclub

Outro - Red Dragon Tattoo by Fountains of Wayne


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#400: Half Dead and Dynamite by Lifter Puller

#400: Half Dead and Dynamite by Lifter Puller

September 11, 2018

Craig Finn is best known for his distinctive vocal and lyrical style thanks to The Hold Steady in the 2000s. But while that band channeled Bruce Springsteen, The Replacements and The Band for musical inspiration, his 1990s outfit Lifter Puller took a decidedly more angular approach with nods to Television, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Pavement. Digging into 1997's sophomore released Half Dead and Dynamite, the drugged up and drunken stories familiar to Finn fans are there, but the band backing him presents a different sonic approach, eschewing bombast and power chords for jagged rhythms and Radioshack keyboards.

Intro - The Gin and the Sour Defeat

10:45 - Half Dead and Dynamite

17:03 - Nassau Coliseum

21:18 - I Like The Lights

29:17 - Rock for Lite Brite

Outro - The Bears

#399: Pack Up The Cats by Local H

#399: Pack Up The Cats by Local H

September 4, 2018

Concept albums are as old as albums themselves, though defining what exactly qualifies as a concept album is flexible. The 90s were no different, as many bands and artists took loose ideas and strung together narratives and themes to form a cohesive idea. Of all the bands you were probably expecting to do so back in day, Local H was probably not high on that list, but songwriter/guitarist/singer Scott Lucas has dipped into the concept album well often during the past several decades, first with their 1996 break-through As Good As Dead, and then the 1998 follow-up Pack Up The Cats. Lucas and drummer Joe Daniels weave a tale not unfamiliar to rock fans - the rise and fall of a musician, but with the decade specific twists and turns that make it a uniquely 90s affair, both lyrically and sonically, and craft a concept album worthy of the decades medium of choice: the compact disc.

Intro - All The Kids Are Right

32:13 - All-Right (Oh Yeah)

34:49 - Cool Magnet

36:58 - Laminate Man

40:47 - Deep Cut

43.46 - Lucky Time

50:16 - Hit The Skids

Outro - What Can I Tell You

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