Dig Me Out - The 90s rock podcast

#045: Weasels by Alcohol Funnycar

November 22, 2011

On episode #45, it's back to listener suggestions. This week we tackle the 1995 album Weasels by Alcohol Funnycar. Joining us for this episode is Chip Midnight, and he's got an interview with Alcohol Funnycar's Ben London. In our discussion, we try to determine if AFC's Weasels is the sound of '90s - a little punk, a little grunge, some melody and edginess, but pretty much just rock. Leave us a comment at digmeoutpodcast.com, or stop by our Facebook page to chime in.

And with Thanksgiving upon us, we decided to take part in the holiday tradition of overeating by not only giving you an extra large episode, we're giving you a bonus podcast - the unedited interview with Ben available tomorrow. Gobble gobble!

Segments - :00-03:53 - Intro, 03:53-08:33 - History of the Band, 08:33-58:25 - Album Review and Interview, 58:25-1:01:27 - Outro

Songs In This Episode: Intro - Shoot You Down, 20:30 - Weasels, 26:23 - Kindling, 33:17 - Napoleon, 37:42 - Sunspots, 40:02 - Objects

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