Dig Me Out - The 90s rock podcast

#052: Lula Divinia by Shiner

January 10, 2012

On episode #52 of Dig Me Out, we review the 1997 album Lula Divinia by Shiner. Lots tags are applied to Shiner - progressive, emo, alternative, angular, math rock, space rock - but all that really matters is the songs. So does Shiner deliver the goods? They've definitely got the musical chops, but is it at the expense of the vocals? Tune in and find out, then leave a comment on the website or chime in on our Facebook page.

Segments - 0:00-2:54 - Intro, 2:54-7:50 - History of the Band, 7:50-36:40 - Review, 36:40-37:36 - Outro

Songs in this Episode: Intro - Two Black Eyes, 16:46 - Sideways, 18:44 - Jim's Lament, 25:48 - Cake, Outro - Third Gear Scratch

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