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#060: Cheer Up by Plexi

March 6, 2012

On a super-sized episode #60, we're we're joined by guitarist Michael Barragan and (briefly) vocalist/bass player Michael Angelos of the Los Angeles band Plexi to revisit their lone full-length release, 1996's Cheer Up. The dark, atmospheric sound recalls bands as diverse as My Bloody Valentine and New Order, but with punk energy and pop sensibility that recalls the Ramones and David Bowie.

Michael A. and Michael B. lay out the complete history of the band before we dive into a track-by-track dissection of Cheer Up. Be forewarned, this one gets raw and raunchy - ear muffs for the kids.

Check out Michael Barragan's new band Drag News and Evil Spirit Engineering, and be sure to visit Sub Pop Records to purchase the album and check out the infamous bio.

And if this super-sized episode wasn't enough, we'll have a bonus episode this Thursday with an extra forty minutes of material you definitely won't want to miss.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Forest Ranger

36:04 - Forest Ranger

45:53 - Roller Rock Cam

55:16 - Peel

1:03:43 - Dayglo

1:11:22 - Ordinary Things

1:29:18 - 56

Outro - Change

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