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#064: You’d Prefer An Astronaut by Hum

April 3, 2012

On episode #64, we're back with another listener suggestion. Actually, it's a multiple listener suggestion episode - lots of folks have told us to revisit Hum's 1995 album You'd Prefer An Astronaut, and we aim to please. Tim knew he was going to struggle to be objective since Hum is one of his favorite bands of all time, so in order to avoid a blubbering gush-fest, we invited a special guest to help us review the album - director Shawn Foster. Check out Shawn's website for videos of his work with the Deftones, Drive-by Truckers, The Sun and more.

There's plenty to talk about the unique Hum - their combination of metal, progressive rock and shoegaze with an space and science lyrical bent makes comparisons difficult, but we give it a shot. Shawn shares some directing experiences, including the infamous Zane's Sex Chronicles, his opportunity to fulfill all our wishes and punch Fred Durst, and somehow we end up tying it all up with The Muppets. Alcohol may have been consumed during this episode.

WARNING: Plenty of salty language in this one. Earmuffs for the kids.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - I'd Like Your Hair Long

23:02 - I'd Like Your Hair Long

25:59 - Little Dipper

35:11 - Suicide Machine

39:52 - Stars

49:42 - Stars

Outro - The Pod

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