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#065: Detroit Folly by Edsel

April 10, 2012

On episode #65, we've got a packed house. Jon Solomon was kind enough to provide us with a digitally remastered version of Edsel's 1994 album Detroit Folly, released last year on his Comedy Minus One label. Not only that, he also hooked us up with Edsel's former singer & guitarist Sohrab Habibion, currently wielding his axe in Obits, for a Q & A. But that's not all, Chip Midnight is back and offering his take on an album. Got all that?

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Chip's Links: Atomic NedLipstick 'n Leather

Songs in this Episode

Intro -Drawn Down The Moon

7:17 - Interview Segment #1

17:31 - Interview Segment #2

24:53 - Omaha Intervenes

27:43 - Interview Segment #3

34:41 - Wind Key

41:49 - Interview Segment #4

Outro - I'm No Pony

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