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#068: Merge by For Love Not Lisa

May 1, 2012

On episode #68, Chip Midnight returns with an album suggestion and interview to go along with it. We check out the 1993 album Merge by For Love Not Lisa, and Chip talks to guitarist Miles.

Merge offers plenty of diversity, but is it too much of a good thing? We cover everything on this episode - how the wrong tours can frustrate a band, our first discussion of "Christian Rock" and it's development in the '90s, and a legendary guitarist showing up on a b-side track.

As a bonus, we'll be posting clips from Chips interview that didn't make the episode this Thursday. Consider it an early Cinco de Mayo present.

Chips links: Atomic NedLipstick 'n Leather

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Daring To Pick Up

11:30 - Softhand

15:14 - Mother's Faith

19:19 - Travis Hoffman

23:16 - Interview Segment #1

26:18 - More Than A Girl

29:08 - Interview Segment #2

34:05 - Rocket Ride

38:58 - Interview Segment #3

41:46 - Slip Slide Melting

46:53 - Interview Segment #4

Outro - Simple Line of Decline

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