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#069: Famous Past Lives by Pretty Mighty Mighty

May 8, 2012

On episode #69, we make a second trip to our adopted hometown of Columbus, Ohio to revisit an under-appreciated classic, Pretty Mighty Mighty's 1999 album Famous Past Lives.

Lead singer/guitarist Jon Chinn joins us for this trip down memory lane back to when the band formed in college through their line-up changes, building (several) recording studios, surviving a house fire, scoring an unexpected radio hit and the dealing with the labels that came calling, along with an in-depth discussion on songwriting and recording.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Ski Instructor

31:35 - My Own Type

35:57 - Media King

42:58 - Ski Instructor

50:59 - Scratch

101:41 - St. Louis

105:35 - Deafening

1:11:20 - Heart Attack

1:21:08 - Tidal Wave

Outro - Best of the Worst

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