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#070: Fever In Fever Out by Luscious Jackson

May 15, 2012

On episode #70, we revisit the 1996 album Fever In Fever Out by Luscious Jackson with a little help from lead singer/bassist Jill Cuniff. As Luscious Jackson prepare to release a new album, we look back at a band that helped define the sound of the '90s and was a leading light in the rise of the female artist during the decade.

We talk to Jill about recording with legendary producer Daniel Lanois, the influences of soul, R&B and French pop, songwriting, and the decision to release their new album independently with the help of Pledgemusic.com.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Electric

6:47 - History of the Band

14:14 - Naked Eye

17:42 - Interview Segment #1

24:35 - Why Do I Lie?

28:01 - Mood Swing

40:34 - Interview Segment #2

45:51 - Don't Look Back

50:06 - Faith

53:45 - Interview Segment #3

1:00:38 - Under Your Skin

Outro - Soothe Yourself

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