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#079: Flipped Out In Singapore by Chainsaw Kittens

July 17, 2012

For episode #79, we push Skype to the max and welcome three special guests: drummer Aaron Preston, bassist Clint McBay and guitarist Mark Metzger, all of the Chainsaw Kittens, to revisit the 1992 album Flipped Out in Singapore.

We go deep into the history of the band, covering the arrivals, departures, working with Butch Vig and Spike Jonze, Aaron and Clint joining For Love Not Lisa, taunting O.J. Simpson, and why touring with KMFDM was as bad as it sounds.




High In Highschool Video directed by Spike Jonze

Connie, I've Found the Door video directed by Phil Harder

Songs In This Episode:

Intro - High In High School

3:34 - History of the Band

25:43 - 2nd Theme/Flipped Out In Singapore

30:29 - Hold

45:47 - High In High School

Outro - When You Shoot

Bad Language Warning: This one definitely requires some earmuffs for the kids.

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