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#081: Bellybutton by Jellyfish

July 31, 2012

On episode #81 we're joined by mastering engineer, record label owner and Jellyfish aficionado Steve Turnidge to revisit the band's debut release, 1990's Bellybutton. Steve is half of the team that put together the Jellyfish tribute album Sensory Lullabies and brings a deep knowledge and passion for the band to this episode. Grab a drink, find a comfortable chair and sit back, because you are about to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the most under-appreciated band of the 90s.

Other Links:

Steve's Book: Desktop Mastering: Fundamental Tools and Techniques for Mastering in the Box

Jellyfish: Live at Bogart's 1991

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Songs In This Episode:

Intro - The King Is Half-Undressed

7:15 - History of the Band

30:58 - All I Want Is Everything

32:19 - All I Want Is Everything (Millicent Friendly cover)

36:27 - That Is Why

38:52 - Baby's Coming Back

49:50 - She Still Loves Him

59:15 - Bedspring Kiss

1:02:32 - Bedspring Kiss (Nigel Frayling-Kelly cover)

Outro - I Wanna Stay Home

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