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#084: No Pocky For Kitty by Superchunk

August 21, 2012

For episode #84, we're joined by fellow podcaster Kim Ware to check out her suggestion, Superchunk's 1993 album No Pocky for Kitty. Kim spent time drumming and booking shows in Wilmington, North Carolina in the 1990s, where the legendary and lesser known Chapel Hill bands regularly gigged around town.

Tim and J were both more familiar with the later Superchunk releases than the early Matador years, so how does No Pocky For Kitty stack up? Does the energetic and sometimes frantic mix of punk, power-pop and indie rock come together? And why is Majesty Shredding so hard to pronounce after one beer? Tune in to find out.

Check out Kim's podcast - This Is The Sound

Songs In this Episode:

Intro - Punch Me Harder

11:38 - History of the Band

25:12 - Tower

34:24 - Skip Steps 1 + 3

41:46 - Sidewalk

44:40 - Punch Me Harder

Outro - Throwing Things

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