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#091: Diary by Sunny Day Real Estate

October 9, 2012

On episode #91 we're tackling one of the most influential albums of the 1990s - Sunny Day Real Estate debut release from 1994, Diary. Credited as a primary instigator of what would later be known as emo, Sunny Day Real Estate never like to stay in one moment too long; switching tempo, time signatures and volume at the drop of a hat. Somehow, the band manages to seamlessly combine elements of post-punk, progressive rock and grunge into one cohesive sound.

It's been eighteen years since it's initial release, and three years since the remastered re-release with bonus tracks, so the only question is - does Diary stand the test of time? And is the Batman Forever soundtrack a perfect time capsule for the mid-1990s?Tune in and find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Seven

4:10 - History of the Band

15:56 - Seven

17:36 - In Circles

24:35 - Shadows

27:32 - 47

Outro - The Blankets Were the Stairs

Note: We apologize for the slightly garbled audio on Jason's end, the internet did not want to cooperate on this particular day.

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