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#099: The Silent Majority by Life, Sex and Death

December 4, 2012

Thanks to a listener suggestion we're starting a two week exploration of the metal, glam and hard rock end of the 1990s with Life, Sex & Death, and their 1992 album The Silent Majority. Jason says LSD are the best live band he's ever seen, and has plenty to share about this one-album-and-done band that featured Van Halen-style riffs with Tom Waits-esque vocals, a weird combination that shouldn't work but somehow does.


Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Telephone Call

3:40 - History of the Band

10:48 - Blue Velvet Morning

20:59 - Schools for Fools

24:14 - Fuckin Shit Ass

29:52 - Jawohl Asshole

33:26 - Rise Above

Outro - Tank

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