Dig Me Out - The 90s rock podcast

#104: Floored by Pusherman

January 8, 2013

For episode #104, Tim sifted through his college radio archive to dig out the lone album by Pusherman, 1996's Floored. Combining the long-form jams of The Verve with the attitude and pop-sensiblity of Oasis, the band pushes the envelope on song and album length, usually bad signs when we get our hands on a record from the 90s. Through in a harmonica and some dance beats, and it sounds like a recipe for a disaster, but is it, despite the term "timeless" being used to describe it? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Sold

5:36 - History of the Band

10:15 - Chase It

17:30 - The Aim Indeed

21:44 - Whole

23:46 - Never Coming Back

Outro - First Time

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