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#113: Syrup Macrame by Radial Spangle

March 12, 2013

For listener request episode #113, we're heading down the road less, or never travelled: Radial Spangle, and their second (and last) album, 1994's Syrup Macrame. Indie and alternative aren't specific enough to describe Radial Spangle's music: neo-experimental-space-psychedelic-lo-fi-rock? We're not quiet sure what to make of much of the album, but moments shine through - are their enough? Tune in to fine out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Special Love

2:38 - History of the Band

6:31 - Caf, 'Fine

9:33 - Busy Hole

14:58 - Knees

18:06 - Patio Furniture

27:17 - Sunflower Graveyard

Outro - New Dress

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