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#116: Murk Time Cruiser by aMiniature

April 2, 2013

Episode #116 brings us another listener suggestion, this time we check out the 1995 album Murk Time Cruiser by aMiniature (the first "a" is silent, if you didn't know). Combining disjointed rhythms and razor sharp guitar riffs, aMiniature are in the same stratosphere as the recently reviewed Knapsack, evening sharing the same producer for their third and final album, just like Knapsack. But is that where the similarities end? Tune in to find out.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - He, The Bad Feeler

1:50 - History of the Band

12:27 - He, The Bad Feeler

14:00 - Peddler's Talk

17:21 - Long Live Soul Miner

24:39 - Bored Spy

Outro - Signer's Strut

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