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#118: New Parade by The Sheila Divine

April 16, 2013

For episode #118, Aaron Perrino of The Sheila Divine joins us to revisit their debut 1999 album, New Parade. Our wide ranging discussion covers a variety topics, including the whether Cleveland or Buffalo are the sadder city, the workout habits of Greg Dulli, eyeglass endorsements and contracting SARS in China. Oh, and we also talk music, songwriting, recording, touring and all that good stuff, as well as an impromptu a cappella version of Joe Esposito's "You're The Best."

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Automatic Buffalo

17:42 - Hum

20:17 - Automatic Buffalo

33:10 - The Modern Log

1:04:20 - The Amendment

Outro - Awful Age

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