Dig Me Out - 90s Rock Review

#120: Interview with Happy Chichester of Howlin Maggie

April 30, 2013

Joining us for episode #120 is Happy Chichester, formerly of Howlin Maggie, who has just released his second solo album, Torchwood Loop. After spending almost a decade in legendary funk-rock band Royal Crescent Mob, Happy formed Howlin Maggie, who released their debut album Honeysuckle Strange in 1996. After a line-up change and follow-up release in 2001, Happy struck out on his own, releasing studio and live releases, while playing sideman in the Shawn Smith/Stone Gossard band Brad. We cover all this, plus Happy's take on the current state of the music industry, analog vs. digital recording and plenty more.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - $3.99 3:39 - Miss Universe 12:41 - How The West Was Won 28:48 - Easy To Be Stupid 34:52 - I'm A Slut 43:07 - Long Live Doug (Standing) 1:09:34 - Alcohol Outro - Rubbing The Industry Raw

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