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#133: Clarity by Jimmy Eat World

July 30, 2013
Tom Mullen of the Washed Up Emo Podcast stops by to help us dissect one of the key albums of the 90s emo scene: 1999's Clarity by Jimmy Eat World. Although it didn't sell as well as later Jimmy Eat World albums, it's impact on a generation of musicians and music fans would be heard for years to come. Combining gritty, angular guitars and rhythms with introspective lyrics, layered with a varied instrumentation, Clarity represents musical highpoint for not only emo, but rock music at the end of the 20th Century.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Lucky Denver Mint
13:06 - History of the Band
18:32 - A Sunday
22:12 - 12.23.95
51:20 - Goodbye Sky Harbour
54:34 - Clarity
Outro - Crush

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