Dig Me Out - The 90s rock podcast

#225: Sing to God by Cardiacs

May 5, 2015

Our latest requested review might be our most challenging listen ever, 1995′s Sing to God by Cardiacs - our first double album (no, Use Your Illusion doesn’t count). With almost two decades under their belts, Cardiacs unleashed this behemoth not just in length, but density. The songs are packed with instrumentation, and many flying by at a breakneck pace, churning twisted pop with equal parts psychedelia, Britpop, bombast and manic energy. We haven’t heard much like this, and we’re guessing you haven’t either.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Eat It Up Worms Hero

3:10 - History of the Band

12:00 - Eat It Up Worms Hero

13:41 - Eden On The Air

19:11 - A Horses Tail

23:40 - Dog-Like Sparky

27:11 - Dirty Boy

31:56 - Manhoo

Outro - Bell Clinks

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