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#228: Interview with Stephen Brodsky of Cave In and Mutoid Man

May 26, 2015

Joining us this week is singer, guitarist and songwriter Stephen Brodsky of Cave InMutoid Man and many other projects. Stephen takes us back to the beginning: bootlegging Metallica onto cassettes to practice guitar licks, early grade school jams and trying to figure out how to get distortion. We explore his his high school years, discovering hardcore (and hating it at first) and what eventually led to the formation of Cave In. We discuss the evolution of the band, from the “metalcore” beginnings to the transition to Jupiter and the fan backlash that ensued from that album onto Antenna. We get into his newest project, Mutoid Man, and contemplate the current state of “metal” music. We cover reissues, guitar rigs and much, much more. Enjoy!

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Big Riff

30:48 - Terminal Deity by Cave In

43:11 - Jupiter by Cave In

1:00:31 - Reptilian Soul by Mutoid Man

1:07: 26 - Magnified by Cave In (Failure cover)

Outro - Requiem

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