Dig Me Out - The 90s rock podcast

#255: Interview with Scott Lucas of Local H

December 1, 2015

This week Scott Lucas of Local H joins us to talk about their latest album Hey, Killer and their recent tour with Failure. We dig into Scott’s early years in Zion, IL, getting his first Harmony guitar and playing basement and garage shows in the dry town. We discuss the early years of the band, working various jobs while gigging and writing before signing to Island Records. We talk about the upcoming 20th anniversary of their breakthrough sophomore album As Good As Dead, plans for reissues and upcoming shows. The music industry, streaming vs. physical media, Mad Max, the upcoming book coffee table book “Twenty-Five Years of Skin in the Game,” and much much more.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - City of Knives

3:45 - Gig Bag Road

40:39 - Bound for the Floor

Outro - Age Group Champion

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