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#261: Black Tie White Noise by David Bowie

January 12, 2016

It’s with heavy hearts we share with your are latest episode, recorded four days prior to the passing of David Bowie.

With Black Star, his 26th album just released, we decided to revisit his 1993 album Black Tie White Noise, co-produced with Nile Rodgers, who worked with Bowie on the successful Let’s Dance album ten years earlier. With drum and keyboard loops influenced by the burgeoning house and early 90s dance scene, BTWN shows off Bowie’s penchant for melodic hooks and Rodgers talent for infectious grooves, but the spotless production ended up sacrificing some of the emotion and left us feeling a bit cold, despite the inspired cover choices.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Black Tie White Noise

10:44 - The Wedding Song

13:33 - I Know It’s Gonna Happen

18:41 - Don’t Let Me Down and Down

Outro - Jump They Say

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