Dig Me Out - The 90s rock podcast

#272: Human Cannonball by School of Fish

March 29, 2016

We’re back with our latest requested review, this week we’re checking out the second and final album by School of Fish, 1993′s Human Cannonball. The band scored a minor hit on their first album, but none of the singles reached the same level of success from this release, and we try to figure out why. While the main songwriting tandem of Josh Clayton-Felt and Micheal Ward stayed in tact, the rhythm section changed, and that might have had some impact, while other parts that should have made an impact didn’t. We struggled with this record, are we justified in our criticisms? Tune in hear what we’ve got to say, and let us know if you agree or disagree.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Take Me Anywhere

2:25 - 3 Strange Days

16:47 - Everyword

20:13 - Stand in the Doorway

23:15 - Fuzzed and Fading

Outro - Complicator

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