Dig Me Out - The 90s rock podcast

#308: Imperial Drag by Imperial Drag

December 6, 2016

With ties to the perfectionist power-pop of Jellyfish and Guns ‘n Roses guitarist Slash’s Snakepit, this one-album-and-done band is perfect fodder for Dig Me Out - Imperial Drag and their self-titled 1996 album. Combining T. Rex grooves with analog synths, Imperial Drag we found more in common with British glam revisionists like Suede and Placebo than their North American alternative and indie rock counterparts. So why didn’t these radio friendly hooks grab mainstream listener ears? We discuss, and make sure to share your thoughts as well.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro -  Boy or a Girl

2:10 - History of the Band

8:46 - Crosseyed

15:30 - The Man in the Moon

18:55 - Dandelion

25:42 - Playboy After Dark

Outro - Stare into the Sun


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