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#328: Cheap Trick (1997) by Cheap Trick

April 25, 2017

Our Patreon subscribers helped us pick an album from April of 1997 to review, and thanks to a tie-breaking coin flip, we’re checking out the self-titled Cheap Trick album. It’s actually the second self-titled album from Cheap Trick, the first being their debut from twenty years earlier. To help us dissect this record and provide historical context on this era of the band, we’ve enlisted Colin Gawel of Watershed, League Bowlers and formerly Why Isn’t Cheap Trick In The Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame? to lend a hand.

Songs in this Episode:

Intro - Say Goodbye

9:12 - Anytime

15:05 - Carnival Game

17:51 - It All Comes Back To You

Outro - You Let A Lotta People Down


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