Dig Me Out - The 90s rock podcast

#369: Wonderful Life by The Tories

February 6, 2018

Like so many previous artists and bands referred to as "power pop," The Tories debut album Wonderful Life from 1997 came and went with little fanfare. Perhaps it was timing, as the early and mid-nineties alternative rock gold rush led to a unwieldy number of releases, most which got lost in the shuffle. Perhaps it was due to the label, which specialized in East Coast jazz and house music instead of California pop rock. Or was it the songs? No, it wasn't the songs. The Tories have the songs, as well as the melodies, the harmonies, the guitar fuzz, everything you expect when the chemistry is right, and creates a power pop album worth checking out. Along with our Patreon special guest, we try to figure out what went right and wrong with Wonderful Life.

Intro - Flying Solo

13:39 - Gladys Kravitz

23:40 - Happy

29:12 - Spaceships in the Sky

Outro - Not What it Appears


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