Dig Me Out - The 90s rock podcast

#390: The Infotainment Scan by The Fall

July 3, 2018

Mark E. Smith of The Fall was a divisive character, turning people on or off with his kinetic one-note, occasionally slurred, stream of consciousness vocal delivery. After a decade and a half of abrasive post punk, line-up changes and restlessness led to a stylistic change, accounting for several electronic and IDM influenced albums. 1993's The Infotainment Scan falls into this era, while still featuring a jagged guitar line, clean (or sterile) production on programmed drums and synth keyboards dominates the overall sound, featuring odd cover song choices and sonic stretches that left us scratching our heads. There's a lovable cantankerous aspect to Smith's vocals that endears us to his limitations, but hearing the band go full rave seemed to a bridge too far.

Intro - Paranoia Man In Cheap Sh*T Room

14:17 - Glam Racket

19:30 - It's a Curse

28:44 - Ladybird (Green Grass)

Outro - Lost In Music


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