Dig Me Out - The 90s rock podcast

#397: Side Projects Of The 90s

August 21, 2018

When musicians aren't busy writing, recording and touring with their main band, often times you'll find them in side projects, mixing it up with new sounds and new collaborators. The 1990s were no different, as folks from the biggest bands to lesser known indie artists often found a new creative outlet outside their main gig. But what exactly makes it a side project, as opposed to just putting out a solo album, or recording with a fabled "super group?" We try to lay down some (admittedly) shaky criteria to figure out what makes a side project, revisiting those that worked, a few that didn't, some that left us scratching our heads and some that left us wanting more.

Intro - Side Project Medley (Friends Of P by The Rentals, Hunger Strike by Temple Of The Dog, Tipp City by The Amps)

7:17 - That's Just How That Bird Sings by The Twilight Singers

20:06 - Gimme Indie Rock by Sebadoh

26:48 - Wasting Away by Nailbomb

40:57 - Song For A Dead Girl by Three Fish

46:54 - 20th Century by Brad

Outro - Yoo Hoo by Imperial Teen


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