Dig Me Out - 90s Rock Review

#398: Frosting On The Beater by The Posies

August 28, 2018

The 1990s are known as the grunge decade, but really Seattle's reign was contained to the first half, which is when The Posies power-pop tour de force Frosting On The Beater happened to be released in 1993. It's not hard to understand why this band from the Pacific Northwest struggled to find an broad audience - the singles are teeming with Big Star, Cheap Trick, The Beatles, and other classic power pop influence, and only Matthew Sweet was able to crack mainstream radio playlists and MTV video rotation with a similar but equally melodic approach. It doesn't help that in an era of Discman players and vinyl decline, Don Fleming's beefed up production truly only finds its sweet spot when the stereo speakers are pushing serious air, which we are happy to oblige.

Intro - Dream All Day

9:54 - Definite Door

13:28 - Love Letter Boxes

19:51 - How She Lied By Living

29:37 - Solar Sister

Outro - Flavor Of The Month


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