Dig Me Out - The 90s rock podcast

#411: Free Mars by Lusk

November 27, 2018

There are not many 1990s albums that fall under the "alternative rock" banner that prominently feature harp and horns the way the lone 1997 album Free Mars by Lusk does. The fact that it does so featuring a wide cast of characters from bands such as Tool (Paul D'Amour), Failure (Greg Edwards), Guns 'n Roses (Chris Pitman) and Medicine (Brad Laner) only adds to the unique and intriguing charm of this one-and-done release.

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Songs In This Episode:

Intro - Backworlds

16:15 - Savvy Kangaroos

23:02 - The Hotel Family Affair

30:31 - Free Mars

Outro - Kill The King


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