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#412: The Lateness Of The Hour by Eric Matthews

December 4, 2018

While the Seattle record label Sub Pop is primarily associated with "grunge," the list of artists and catalog of releases is far more broad. Take for example Eric Matthews, whose whispered vocal and orchestral arrangements couldn't stray further from the so-called Sub Pop sound. On his sophomore solo release from 1997, The Lateness Of The Hour, Matthews expertly and often densely constructs songs that would sound at home on either an Elliott Smith album or coming out of Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys, never forgetting to layer sweet melodies on top of his sometimes classical arrangements. While the vocal approach took some getting used to, we discovered an album that reveals more musicially and emotionally upon repeated listens.

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Songs In This Episode:

Intro - Ideas That Died That Day

12:02 - My Morning Parade

14:48 - Festival Fun

16:49 - Pair Of Cherry

26:07 - Everything So Real

Outro - Dopeyness


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