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#417: Wrecreation by Stanford Prison Experiment

January 8, 2019

The term "album tracks" gets thrown around to describe perfectly fine songs that are clearly not going to be a radio single for a band. It represents what the band does, but maybe is less melodic in favor of a sound that expands, experiments or diverts enough to make it worthy of inclusion. For a band like Stanford Prison Experiment, we tossed around the term "album track" a number of times for a band that subtly takes turns inhabiting the styles and sounds of a variety of contemporaries. On their third and final record, 1998's Wrecreation, we found a lot to like in a band that touched on punk, post-punk, post-hardcore, emo, math-rock and grunge, but do they ever find themselves? Tune in to find out.


Songs In This Episode:


Intro - Hightower

15:14 - Contusion

18:09 - Burner

24:27 - I'm A War

32:44 - Machaca

Outro - But Of Course


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