Dig Me Out - 90s Rock Review

#459: Music Producers Of The 90s Roundtable

October 29, 2019

Steve Albini. Nigel Godrich. Butch Vig. Bob Rock. Jack Endino. Michael Beinhorn. J Robbins. Sean Slade. Paul Kolderie. Youth. Ric Ocasek. Dave Fridmann. Ken Andrews. Brendan O'Brien. Brad Wood. Rick Rubin. Ted Niceley. Stephen Street. Flood. Terry Date. Dave Jerden. Alan Moulder. Dave Ogilvie. Chances are, if you purchased a CD in the 1990s and read through the liner notes, whether it was a major label release or a regional indie label, there is a possibility their name, or someone else you may recognize, is listed as the producer. But what does a producer do, and how do they influence the sound of a record? We often talk about liking or not liking some aspect of the production, and on this roundtable, we dig into what exactly that means, who does what in the studio, and some traits, commonalities, and differences of producers who worked in the 1990s.


Songs In This Episode:


Intro - Stuck On You by Failure (Ken Andrews)

8:04 - Rusty Cage by Johnny Cash (Rick Rubin)

17:36 - Pull The Cup by Shellac (Steve Albini)

41:56 - Holes by Mercury Rev (Dave Fridmann)

49:04 - Buddy Holly by Weezer (Ric Ocasek)

1:08:59 - Girls And Boys by Blur (Stephen Street)

Outro - Never Said by Liz Phair (Brad Wood)


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