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#465: Sleep’s Holy Mountain by Sleep

December 10, 2019

Where is the line between rock and metal? What about stoner or desert? And what is doom besides a video game and bad movie? All questions worthy of discussion as we revisit the 1992 album Sleep's Holy Mountain by Sleep. Baked into the sound of Sleep is the ever-present influence of 70s Black Sabbath, but with an occasional pummeling dirge closer to The Melvins, while trafficking in the same sun-soaked low-end riffage of Kyuss. It's dark, heavy, psychedelic, drone-filled head-nodding rock that works best when the rhythm section gets to swing.


Songs In This Episode:


Intro - The Druid

17:00 - Evil Gypsy/Solomon's Theme

25:20 - Holy Mountain

30:31 - Inside The Sun

Outro - Dragonaut


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