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#501: Cure For Pain by Morphine

August 18, 2020

Were the 90s just Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and various other grunge bands and their followers? Of course not, but revisiting Morphine's 1993 album Cure For Pain makes a strong case that the true alternative of the decade never bubbled up to MTV TRL, Clear Channel playlists, or Rolling Stone covers. A horn driven, blues and jazz influenced rock band that channeled Tom Waits and The Velvet Underground was never going to sell ten million albums. But along with fellow outsiders like those in Soul Coughing, The Jon Spencer Blue Explosion, and others, there was room on college radio and 120 Minutes for more askew views of what rock and pop meant.


Songs In This Episode:

Intro - Buena

24:28 - Thursday

29:53 - A Head With Wings

32:42 - I'm Free Now

35:56 - Let's Take A Trip Together

Outro - Cure For Pain


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